See where blind faith can lead

This about sums it up

Blind Faith: FAIL


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3 Responses to See where blind faith can lead

  1. Tim Cronin says:

    Atheists can not explain how and why there is a universe.

    • Hambo says:

      Sure we can, Tim it’s called science. And yes it has it’s problems, but let’s face its better than your story.

    • godfailblog says:

      Well Tim, thanks for the insight, but as you may have gleaned from the flavour of this blog, I am not particularly fond of theistic explanations regarding the how’s and why’s of the universe. I guess I am just okay with admitting that I don’t know some things. It’s good to know that you, however, have figured it all out by actively turning off the critical thought processes in your brain and accepting an explanation of the universe based on an old and tired mythology. Wow, I can’t imagine why some people think theists come off as being arrogant.

      PS. I would be more than willing to admit that science is also a mythology of sorts, but at least it is more current and offers the ability to test and verify things.

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