When religious values colide.

I guess sometimes a person with strong religious values has to fight for the rights of a fetus to be born, even if the person turns out to be gay. That way those same religious values can justify hating the person later in life. (Refer to the previous God Fail)

Religious Values: FAIL


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2 Responses to When religious values colide.

  1. Wyatt says:

    You! Up there! Shut the fuck up!

  2. Bob says:

    If there are gay fetus’ then Abortion is the MAJOR… MAJOR!! cause of GAY genocide.
    There are Approximately 3,700 living Babies, or “fetus'” if you want to say it that way, that are killed EVERYDAY in America alone.

    So if roughly 8% of americans are PROFESSING homosexuals(that’s my statistics not any actual polls but from reading, different pols, ONE will say 2%, others say 15-20….people just don’t know…ILL say 8%)

    So if 8% of americans are gay, lets say 5% are born that way(i don’t agree anyone is born gay, YOU do…). so EVERY DAY 1,850 Homosexuals are Killed, in America ALONE. that’s over 660,000 a year! So people who have THIS mindset are BOASTING in there CHOICE to slaughter 660,000 Homosexuals EVERY YEAR. And they call themselves LIBERALS? Liberate? Liberate what?

    You JUST boasted in your genocide of Gay babies. You want to defend their SIN, but really you fall for the LIE of the devil called “freedom” (only freedom IN CHRIST Jesus ; John 8:32-36) and you end up voting to KILL them.

    OR..babies are NOT born gay. and you can save face.

    …but then you are STILL guilty of killing BABIES. And you will stand before a HOLY, JUST and RIGHTEOUS GOD and have to tell HIM that you are guilty of killing Babies

    Those who HATE GOD are blinded to the fact that there is an entity that is OUT to destroy your soul and kill ALL forms of LIFE. He is the g-Odd of this world(system) and you fall right into his lies thinking that your faulty logic can surpass the wisdom of GOD.

    GOD IS LOVE and he gives you ONE PROMISE SEEK HIM in his SON Jesus Christ, with ALL your heart, and you WILL find him. Instead of trying to DISPROVE GOD, why don’t you try to prove him RIGHT.

    At least if you seek him with ALL of your inner being, and he DOESN’T show..then you ACTUALLY have something to base your hatred and disbelieving ON.

    And stop supporting slaughter of children. REALLY? You want people to have that “choice”? Are you For WAR too? …Its not abut Religion my friend its about GOD ALMIGHTY he is found in HIS SON. JESUS the Messiah(Christ) DID shed his blood to free you from the bondage of SIN. BELIEVE on him. and he WILL SHOW YOU truth. he wants you to KNOW GOD. that’s all. and he did it ALL for YOU for FREE all you need to do is SEEK HIM. He will prove himself TO you and do the rest. GOD of all creation wants to give you HIS MIND so you know how to TRULY Love. He will explain the rest to you. (no Christianity the religion does NOT have God, but GOD has YOU)

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