Let’s bake up a Jesus in support of freedom of speech and expression

As seen in this article, a Spanish musician, Javier Krahe, made a satirical video in 1978 (using something called super 8 ;-p). In the video he showed a recipe for how to bake a lovely Jesus. Recently, he was interviewed on Spanish TV and they aired a couple of seconds of the video in the background while he was answering their final question. The few seconds of footage was enough to anger many viewers, and now the Catholic church has also found out and is suing the musician for 192,000 euros.

The following is the translated text from the video:

“Let’s take a gaunt Christ for every two persons. Remove the spikes and take the body from the cross, which will be left aside. The stigmas can be stuffed with bacon. Uncrust with warm water and dry carefully. Abundant butter will be spread on the Christ, which will be then placed on an ovenproof dish, over a bed of onions. Spread over it some salt and pepper, other spices and fine herbs can be added to suit your taste. The mixture is to be left in a moderate fire oven for three days, after which He will get out on his own.”

Issue: Freedom of Speech and Expression

Catholicism: FAIL

There is a Facebook event called Everybody Bake Jesus Day scheduled for Saturday July 3 to Sunday July 4, the purpose of which is to celebrate free speech and expression as well as to show support for the musician.


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