Don’t worry, all the bad things that happen are part of god’s plan

The assumptions about a god:

All good, All powerful, All knowing

If a such a god were to exist, then (goes the argument) why would it allow bad things to happen? For surely if it was all good, it wouldn’t want bad things to happen, and if it was all powerful then it would be able to stop bad things from happening, and if it was all knowing, then it would foresee bad events in time to prevent them. Therefore, any god that exists cannot have all three characteristics, since bad things do happen.

Then the theist says one of three things:

  1. There isn’t really any evil (or bad things).
  2. God has to allow us to have free will, and that leads to bad things happening.
  3. God works in mysterious ways.

In response to the first point, what about murderers, rapists, and pedophiles? If you don’t think that those things are evil or bad things, then to each their own. I would suggest that if you find others who share this belief, you should watch your back.

On the second point, if the bad things in the world are a result of god giving us free will, then you have must have forgotten that this god thing is supposed to be all powerful. It seems that one of the benefits of having an all powerful god would be that it would have the power to give us free will without creating any evil/bad things as a consequence.

In response to the third point. Cop out! This isn’t an argument but an admission that you have no reason to believe what you do, which coincidentally is usually one of the prerequisites to being a “good person of faith”.

Don’t be too upset though, this argument doesn’t conclude that a god doesn’t exist, just that it isn’t all good, all knowing and all powerful. It can still have two out of the three characteristics, which would explain a lot about the Old Testament. The god in that book sounds like a bastard. You know like a god that was only:

  1. All knowing and all powerful, but not all good (Tyrant);
  2. All powerful and all good, but not all knowing (Idiot); or
  3. All good and all knowing, but not all powerful (Well meaning, but kind of useless).

God’s Plan: FAIL


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2 Responses to Don’t worry, all the bad things that happen are part of god’s plan

  1. Tim Cronin says:

    How about God gave us freedom and made us mediators with creation and we messed it up?…..

    • godfailblog says:

      Hi Tim. I am not quite sure what you mean by “made us mediators with creation”. One way or the other, if a god can give us freedom, and it is omnipotent, then why can’t it give us freedom that doesn’t result in any evil? You’d think that an all powerful, all good and all knowing god might be interested in creating creatures with freedom, but that don’t rape, kill and enslave others.

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