The Holy Bible: Slave operators handbook (wrong on so many levels)

We are doubling up on this God fail. Not only does the bible sanction slavery (obvious equality issues), but it also tells you how severely you are allowed to beat them (obvious compassion issues). Honestly, how can anyone who has ever read this shit actually think that any faith based on it is worth following?

Well, you know what they (religious folks) say. The bible is not to be taken literally. Fair enough, and frankly, I hope not. But if we don’t take this literally, then what is the moral which we can take away from this slave operators manual? Seriously, fill me in!

Exodus 21:20-21

“If a man strikes his male servant or his female servant with a staff so that he or she dies as a result of the blow, he will surely be punished. However, if the injured servant survives one or two days, the owner will not be punished, for he has suffered the loss.”

Take note, that although killing a slave outright is “punishable”, beating a slave so hard that they suffer a couple of days before dying is alright.

Compassion: FAIL

Equality: FAIL


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