A fine example of why religions can be so offensive

A list of the assertions made by the theist in this video:

  1. You deserve to go to hell.
  2. I will enjoy eternity in heaven, even though I know you will be writhing and screaming in agony, and I worship the God that came up with that system.
  3. I know more about the origin of the Universe than every single scientist on the planet.
  4. Women who weren’t virgins on their wedding night used to be killed by having stones thrown at them. It was an appropriate punishment at that time.
  5. Homosexual people aren’t worthy of the same rights as everyone else.
  6. Anyone who doesn’t believe in God is a fool. It says so in the Bible.
  7. Scientists are wrong about evolution and I’m right about creationism. I know more than them.
  8. My God thinks that you’re worthy of nothing but eternal torturous damnation and I don’t dispute that.
  9. The slavery in the Bible was OK. What the slaves wanted is irrelevant.
  10. My God is real and every other religion but mine has it completely wrong.
  11. Killing children has always been fine as long as my God says to do it.
  12. I’m fine with women being told to submit to their husbands. The infallible book that demands that is holy in my opinion.
  13. People who disrespect God’s prophets do deserve to be torn apart by wild bears. Those children had it coming.
  14. I’m in communication with the supreme intelligence of the universe, so really, how likely is it that I’m going to be wrong about something?

It’s a good thing that the various gods are such pricks, otherwise you’d think that their followers were just mean people, but as it turns out religious followers are just doing what they are told. Hmmm, where did I hear that excuse before? Oh yeah, that was Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Holocaust who justified his actions by claiming that he was “just following orders.”

Hmmm, maybe blind faith isn’t such a great thing. Maybe people of faith should be questioning the teachings of their supposedly “all loving” gods.

Humble: FAIL


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