Mormons: The second “m” is silent

Mormon (Pronunciation)

As evidenced by the wearing of the ritualistic garments below, the etymology of the word “Mormon” was obviously derived from the word “moron”, which came from the Greek moros, and means “foolish or dull”. Although an unusual move, by naming the religion in such a refreshingly honest and forthright manner, the Mormon faith has accurately identified their target audience. As demonstrated by the number of followers of Mormonism, truth in advertising really can work.

Intelligence: FAIL


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2 Responses to Mormons: The second “m” is silent

  1. Emma says:

    all you need to do is pray and you will find your answer my brother or sister, May God be with you at all times

  2. cetude says:

    There are tons of Mormons because they are a bunch of breeders and inbreeds.

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