The Catholic Church oral sex logo of 1974

Below is the 1974 logo for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission. The logo was designed by Gerry Kano. I am not quite sure why, but apparently this logo won an award. Perhaps it was the “Truth in Advertising Award”. Well, the writing was certainly on the wall on this one. I wonder if the people who approved this design had all taken vows of celibacy and just didn’t realize what oral sex actually looked like.

Classy: FAIL


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4 Responses to The Catholic Church oral sex logo of 1974

  1. Derek says:

    Look at the fiasco in Ireland with the revelation that the new nazi zombie pope actually knew about the child abuse allegations and did nothing, to be honest the outcry of parents was disgusting as if they weren’t aware this sort of thing had been going on for years.

  2. matt says:

    leave the church alone! i don’t understand what’s so bad about a group of people united by the ideas of loving others and doing good

    • godfailblog says:

      Well Matt, the idea of “loving people and doing good” doesn’t sound bad at all. The thing is that this post alludes to the leaders of the church having a propensity to sexually abuse their followers. I hope your not suggesting that sexually abusing children is equivalent to “loving” or “doing good”. Rather than leaving the church alone, as you requested, how about you stop defending a morally bankrupt organization and see it for what it really is?

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