Ground zero Mosque vs Catholic church locations: The hypocritical debate

A fantastic quote by John Oliver with a little sarcastic humour to make the point:

There is a difference between what you can do and what you should do. For instance, you can build a Catholic church next to a play ground. Should you?

From The Daily Show with John Stewart August 16, 2010 episode

Now, quite obviously I am not a theist, and I believe that theism is a force that tends to drag people into drooling fits of intellectual despair, but having said that I think that it is important to let people explore their beliefs and to worship how they see fit. I don’t go to church myself, and I don’t really like that so many people do, but I don’t try to prohibit peoples religious beliefs. Although I would prefer it if people would abandon their religious superstitions all together, I find it hypocritical that so many non-Muslim people in the US would try to deny the religious freedoms of Muslims by trying to prohibit the building of a Mosque at the old site of the World Trade Centre.

Religious Freedom: FAIL


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2 Responses to Ground zero Mosque vs Catholic church locations: The hypocritical debate

  1. godfailblog says:

    Thanks for the comment Derek, but it lacks insight and explanation. Do explain how I have missed the point, and while we’re at it, why don’t you explain how your Hitler comparison is “accurate”. I’m not saying your wrong about these things, but making declarations without any justification reminds me of my elementary school days. You see, I could just as easily say that people named Derek are all child raping bigots! Too much? Who can tell, and what kind of useful or even interesting discussion could come from such a silly, although still ‘potentially’ true, statement based on zero fact or context. While we’re at it I might as well make some other bold statements, since the quality of your comment doesn’t really demand any critical thought. How about all Catholics should be executed, since the Catholic church has been involved in many atrocities. If we kill them all, we won’t they surely won’t rape our children any more or kill others for having other beliefs.
    A mosque is not a statue commemorating what a small group of Muslims did wrong and we ought not to be holding all Muslims accountable for what a small group of Muslims did wrong. We don’t hold all Catholics accountable for what a small portion of Catholics do wrong either. If we followed that kind of logic, then we could all hold everybody accountable for every indecent human act because we are all part of the guilty group of humans (Oh wait, that’s what god did with that whole original sin thingy). That would lead to a very unstable social political system.
    As I mentioned in my original post, I don’t go to church and I don’t like that so many people do because I believe that religion contributes to people holding some very illogical superstitious beliefs. At the end of the day, however, the “freedom” that we are all so proud of having means that people get to decide what they believe, and I have to be okay with that in order for the word “freedom” to have any significant value.

  2. Derek says:

    on this you’ve definitely missed the point. I don’t see many statues of Hitler in Poland, and yes that is an accurate comparison. In Scotland after the Glasgow airport bombing, Several Mosques and Muslim owned business were burnt to the ground. Surprisingly no more terrorist attacks.

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