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A fine example of why religions can be so offensive

A list of the assertions made by the theist in this video: You deserve to go to hell. I will enjoy eternity in heaven, even though I know you will be writhing and screaming in agony, and I worship the … Continue reading

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God has poor social etiquette

God can be so rude. Personally, I would not tolerate it if my friends acted like god. Frankly, I would have expected better from an all loving being, but millions are willing to overlook the facts of the ghost leaders … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ was a conman: Jesus’ miracles explained.

In a remarkable feat of deception, the man known as “Jesus” was able to con his way into the hearts of incredibly gullible people around the world using tricks like the one depicted in the video below. It is shameless … Continue reading

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Religion: Not thinking for yourself never felt so good

Urgent Public Service Warning: When engaging in the religion of your fancy, be absolutely sure that you don’t think. I’ve got it on good authority that the various gods hate independent thought! Independent Thought: FAIL

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Star Wars, A New Pope

Finally, I have found a version of a religious ceremony which is watchable, although fundamentally it is just as absurd as the unedited version. On Trial: Catholic Common Sense Verdict: FAIL On a positive note, the production values are good!

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Let’s bake up a Jesus in support of freedom of speech and expression

As seen in this article, a Spanish musician, Javier Krahe, made a satirical video in 1978 (using something called super 8 ;-p). In the video he showed a recipe for how to bake a lovely Jesus. Recently, he was interviewed … Continue reading

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Science vs Prayer – Choose your medicine

Sometimes doctors can be so stupid! Everybody knows that medical prayers can take up to three months to kick in. This is a news report of a man who asked doctors to postpone the amputation of a limb (thereby endangering … Continue reading

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