God can be so rude.

For more context on the issues surrounding the social failings of the gods, visit God has poor social etiquette.

The Second Coming – I’m Back!

Hello all. Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I have returned however, and I am here to finish up with the judging and such, but before I get on with that, this is how things will shake down. Fill out the poll below (remember to answer honestly (ie: none of that Pascals wager business)). Once everyone has made their decision, then we can get on with creating heaven on earth etc.

Before making your decision, please consider that to be a true believer, you must follow me and do as I say with blind faith. If you don’t, well then you will be condemned to eternal damnation. If you follow me blindly, then I’ll treat you to some sweet eternal bliss. Remember, the key is to not use your brain on this one!